international trade digital exhibition
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Добавлено: 25.11.2022, 00:00
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November 16-25, 2022 CCPIT Cloud Exhibition Platform The SCO plays an important role in promoting exchanges and cooperation among member states in various fields, and in protecting and ensuring regional security and stability. Almost all SCO member states are involved in the One Belt, One Road initiative and thus represent an intercontinental bridge that ensures the connectivity of the Eurasian region and its outer space. To accelerate the progress of industrialization and modernization in the SCO member countries, CCPIT actively promotes the innovative exhibition mode of the digital platform and plans to hold an international digital trade exhibition for the SCO countries (Virtual Expo), promoting mutual trust and good neighborly relations. friendship with the SCO member countries, deepening economic and trade cooperation with the SCO member countries and helping Chinese enterprises find investment opportunities in the countries of Central Asia.